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6 Ways To Upgrade Instant Ramen

6 Ways To Upgrade Instant Ramen

03 Feb 2023

Instant noodles have their own unique taste, and sometimes there is nothing more blissful than eating a bowl of hot instant noodles. When you have free time, have you ever thought about making the quick and convenient ramen more delicious? Here are a few ways to make ramen more delicious.

Add Eggs

Adding eggs is one of the quickest ways to make ramen noodles more delicious. Crack raw eggs into boiling hot soup and you'll have a delicious bowl of egg ramen. I'm not going to tell you that there is another way to make eggs taste better. Crack the raw eggs into the hot soup, cover and let it sit for a minute or so. Delicious poached eggs are formed, poke the yolk with chopsticks and let the yolk flow into the soup. Believe me, this will be the best egg ramen ever!

Add Cheese

I think few people can resist the temptation of cheese. The easiest way to make ramen more delicious is to add cheese. Add cheese to the hot ramen so that the cheese melts perfectly in the ramen. Delicious ramen with salty and shredded cheese, you can't be too happy!

Ramen Noodles Company

Ramen Noodles Company

Add Vegetables

If you want to make instant ramen delicious and nutritious, adding vegetables will be your best choice. Just wash your favorite vegetables, put them in ramen noodles, and cook them together. Green onions, bean sprouts, broccoli, bok choy, lettuce, and spinach are the most common vegetable varieties.

Add Protein

In addition to vegetables, protein is also very important. So adding some shrimp, chicken, beef, bacon, etc. can increase the protein content of ramen noodles. If you're a vegetarian, you can choose to add cubed tofu to boost the protein content of your ramen.

Add Coconut Milk

In addition to adding cheese to add a silky texture to the ramen, we can also add coconut milk. The light milk fragrance wraps the ramen. For the best taste enjoyment, generally choose full fat. Pour the coconut milk into the ramen and stir until it reaches your desired creaminess.

Instant Ramen Factory China

Instant Ramen Factory China

Try to Make It Into Dry Ramen

Pour off the broth of the cooked ramen and drain the noodles. Add butter, and a seasoning packet, and stir, and the delicious dry mixed ramen is completed. Of course, you can also add your favorite sauces for mixing, such as black truffle mushroom sauce, tomato meat sauce, and so on.


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