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How Are Instant Ramen Made

How Are Instant Ramen Made

06 Jan 2023

As you know, instant noodles are known for their simplicity and low cost. Simply put, instant noodles are noodles sold in small packages after being fried and dried in the sun. It is usually sold with seasonings in it. The reason why instant noodles are favored by people is that it is very fast and convenient. We just need to soak in hot water and enjoy. At the same time, it can also be cooked in a microwave oven or a stove.

The origin of instant noodles

Momoko Ando, a Taiwanese-Japanese businessman, invented instant noodles in Japan in 1958. At the time, their goal in inventing instant noodles was to create a food that would make the best use of wheat imported from the United States after World War II. However, the concept of bread was relatively uncommon to the Japanese at the time, so their use of wheat flour for noodles provided a more acceptable food.

The original instant noodles invented were chicken-flavored. It is usually made from processed wheat flour. Some instant noodles may contain dried vegetables, dried tofu, or precooked meats such as shrimp. Alternatively, a small packet of spices and powdered stock is usually used to make a soup. Noodles are also sold in plastic wraps or cups.

instant noodle factory

Instant Noodle Factory

Are instant noodles healthy?

How healthy instant noodles are depended on the manufacturer and the type of noodles used to make them. Instant noodles are a food that is considered high in carbohydrates and sodium. Soups made from spices and powdered stock are often too high in sodium, so they're widely considered unhealthy noodles. However, the extra freeze-dried vegetables and meat that come with instant noodles will increase the vitamin, fiber, and protein content of the noodles to a certain extent.

Advantages of instant noodles

One of the biggest reasons why instant noodles are so popular with many people is their cheap price. Instant noodles, like most convenience foods, are popular among different groups of people because of their low cost. Because they're simple to cook and don't take long to make, they're one of the easiest and most delicious treats for people on the go.

In addition, the sales volume of instant noodles is also an important reference for the economic indicators of a region, because the consumption of low-priced goods will decrease with the increase in income. However, this does not mean that sales of instant noodles are low in developed or wealthy regions.

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How to Cook Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are so easy to cook that even a child can easily make them. The three most common methods are described below. For the first type, we only need to put the dry noodles into boiling water for three to five minutes until the noodles are soft, then add seasoning packets and enjoy. For the second type,  we can pour boiling water into the cup noodles and wait for 5 minutes to enjoy. Of course, you can also simply put the noodles and water in a bowl and microwave for a few minutes. This is also the third common cooking method. If you want to lower the sodium content of your instant noodles, you can add a small amount of seasoning packets or partially drain the broth.


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