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Instant Noodles: Something You Need to Know

Instant Noodles: Something You Need to Know

28 Dec 2022

In short, instant noodles originated in Japan and are a kind of food, which is sold in pre-cooked and dried chunks made of noodles and seasoning powder. Therefore, the main ingredients are flour, starch, water, salt, and alkaline water. The main ingredients of the accompanying seasoning powder are salt, MSG, and sugar. The seasoning is usually packaged separately, but some instant noodles are packaged in cups, and it is usually scattered in the cups. Noodles were originally fried.

With the development of the times, instant noodle manufacturers have constantly developed new noodles. Air dried ramen noodles are one of them, which are popular in western countries. The reason why instant noodles are popular is that they are easy to eat and operate. It only needs to be soaked in boiling water.

Why Are Instant Noodles So Addictive?

When you eat instant noodles, will you have a feeling of endless aftertaste? You may wonder why instant noodles are addictive. With the demand of the market, there are more and more kinds and tastes of instant noodles. It is no longer limited to the traditional taste, even the special taste of each country.

Although they are rich and delicious, this is definitely not the biggest reason for their addiction. The biggest reason for our addiction is its seasoning bag. There is MSG in the flavoring bag. This additive is chemically synthesized, which can trigger the pleasure center of the brain and make us addicted to instant noodles.

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How To Make Instant Noodles Healthy?

When people eat instant noodles, they will think that instant noodles are delicious and convenient food. Especially in busy times, instant noodles are undoubtedly the fastest food to solve hunger. Although instant noodles are so convenient and delicious, people still think that they are not healthy compared with other noodles. In fact, instant noodles do not mean that they are necessarily unhealthy. We can use the following methods to make it a beneficial and healthy instant noodles.

Select Noodles

Many people think that instant noodles are unhealthy. The biggest reason is that their noodles are made by frying and lack nutrients. Therefore, the most important thing for a bowl of nutritious instant noodles is noodles. The ramen in the restaurant is made of flour, salt, and some special alkaline water. Unfortunately, many ramen companies do not make noodles in this way. KINGDAVID is a well-known ramen factory in China. We not only strive to develop instant ramen noodles but also develop air dried ramen and organic noodles. They are all dried or steamed, not fried, so they are healthy and delicious.

Reduce The Intake Of Seasoning

Perhaps you may not know that sodium is one of the little-known nutrients. Together with calcium and magnesium, it helps to promote the communication of the nervous system. But inhaling too much sodium may not be a healthy thing. According to the survey, the average intake of sodium is more than that of a healthy diet, which means that excessive intake of sodium has an impact on the body.

Most sodium comes from packaged foods and is used as flavoring and preservatives. The instant noodles we eat usually come with a bag of seasoning bags. Reducing the amount of seasoning can promote health to a certain extent. However, this is not the best choice for people with strong tastes. Therefore, KINGDAVID has also developed organic seasoning, so that people can enjoy food better.

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Organic Seasoning


As mentioned above, KINGDAVID's seasoning bag is less than other brands of salt. In addition, it has also developed organic seasoning. However, these seasoning bags may not be able to meet people's needs very well, so we can choose our own seasoning. If you want to try vegan chicken black truffle sauce ramen, perhaps you can try KINGDAVID's vegan chicken black truffle sauce. We just need to simply pour it into the pot and heat it, and then pour it on the noodles to enjoy.

Add vegetables

Adding vegetables is the easiest way to provide nutrition. Carrots, corn, green vegetables, and so on are good choices for you. In addition, organic vegetables are also very nutritious. If you are also looking for delicious and healthy organic vegetables, KINGDAVID can provide the freshest organic vegetables. Our organic vegetables are made of 2:1 water and vegetables without any preservatives. They are rich in nutrients.

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Add protein

In addition to vegetable intake, protein intake is also very important. Protein can make us get more energy, not just simple carbohydrate intake. Chicken, beef, and pork are the three most common proteins. If time is pressing, eggs will be your best choice. Simple egg ramen can also let you enjoy rich protein.


According to the above article, ramen can also be eaten healthily. In addition, if you want a simpler and faster method, KINGDAVID can help you solve this problem. We produce nutritious and healthy Air Dried Vegan Chicken Cup Noodles, Organic Beef Cup Noodles, Organic Kimchi Cup Noodles, etc. At the same time, we also have a variety of healthy ramen noodles. If you are also interested in this, please contact us to purchase!