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03 Feb 2021


Our factory is also equipped with instruments for testing irradiation, GMO, pesticide residues, benzene, industrial dyes, etc to ensure further food safety and quality control. This testing laboratory is a certified one. which means under strict control and supervision, the quality of our products can be Guaranteed

Non-GMO ingredients

Establishing non-GMO ingredients control procedures Doing annual non-GMO testing on 18 main raw materials and finished products All suppliers providing the statement of non GMO raw materials

Non-animal derived ingredients

Raw materials free from animal-derived ingredients namely, vegetarian products, Suppliers providing the statement that raw materials are free from animal-derived ingredients. Vegetarian logo marked on the package.

Non-irradiation sterilization for raw material

Raw materials are through detection of radiation residual by Psl system to ensure they have not been irradiation sterilized Raw materials suppliers providing the provident that products are non-irradiated.

Allergen control

Perform strict control and management on allergen raw materials according to BRC and IFS quality management system. Allergen ingredients clearl Labeled

The implementation standard for food additives

In principle, additives are not added. If the customer of food additives complies with the EU stangard requires them to be added in, the implementati The labeling of food additives complies with the EU Standards.

The selection of packaging materials

Selection of packaging materials, such as use of printing ink and solvent, complies with the EU standards. Package material suppliers providing the benzene printing detection report. Annual random migration test"on packaging materials.