Product Introduction

New Product Launch in the Middle East

New Product Launch in the Middle East

30 Sep 2022

Hello everyong!

Now here’s the good news to share with you. KingDavid Foods’ new product have successfully entered the Middle East on Septmber.

We have distribution agents in the UAE and we sincerely invite you to become our distribution agent from all over the world. 





1、Remove the lid, seasoning packet, oil and soy sauce packet from the cup.

2、Add BOILING water to the fill line.

3、Cover tightly and let stand 4-5 minutes, until the noodles are tender.

4、Pour contents of seasoning, oil and soy sauce packet into the cup.

5、Stir well and enjoy!

We are created non fried(air dried) cup noodle that’s tasty and nutritious. Better for our health. Better for our families. We make all our KingDavid Foods products with the highest standards when it comes to quality and nutrition. We also sent our new product AIR DRY CUP NOODLES to the USA popular blogger, his channel named 【The Ramen Rater】We got a very good comment from him and he is deeply impressed with both the noodle cake and the flavors


Welcome you from all over the world to become our distribution agent. Our products sell well in the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, Netherlands, Norway and other countries.

High quality and honest price!