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What are Cup Noodles

What are Cup Noodles

15 Dec 2022

When you are very hungry, what is the first food that comes to your mind? Cup noodles should be one of the choices of most people because it is very convenient and we can eat delicious noodles in a short time. Especially in the cold winter, there is nothing happier than eating a bowl of hot noodles. However, how much do you know about cup noodles? Continue reading the article to find out!

What are cup noodles?

Cup noodles are also commonly referred to as instant noodles. It is noodles that are fried, dried, and sold in small packets, usually with a packet of dry seasoning. It is a quick and convenient food. Just brew it with boiling water and enjoy. So it is known for its simplicity and low cost. At the same time, due to the high market demand, cup noodle manufacturers are gradually producing cup noodles with different flavors.

Are the cup noodles healthy?

To be honest, instant noodles lack nutrients compared to other noodles because they are made by frying. Therefore, many people think it is not so healthy. However, due to its simple and low-cost advantages, it is still loved by many people. At the same time, many cup noodle manufacturers have also begun to develop a variety of nutritious noodles.

KINGDAVID is one of them. We are a trusted cup noodle factory and we are not only dedicated to the research of delicious and quick cup noodles, but we also pay great attention to people's health. Therefore, we also produce air-dried cup noodles and organic cup noodles. KINGDAVID air-dried noodles are made by 100% steaming and air-drying without frying. Each serving of air-dried noodles mainly contains wheat, salt, water, and 10 grams of vegetable protein, and does not add any preservatives or artificial flavoring. Organic noodles are also not fried, so they are rich in nutrients.

Air Dried Cup Noodles Air Dried Noodles

                                Air Dried Cup Noodles                                               Air Dried Noodles

How to make it healthy?

How to make cup noodles healthier should be a question that many people want to know. Here are a few methods. Adding vegetables is certainly the easiest way. Cup noodles lack fiber and nutrients. Adding vegetables can increase vitamins and nutrients, and vegetables are relatively low in calories compared to other foods. The second method is to add protein. For example, add eggs or chicken legs to the noodles. They will make cup noodles rich in protein. The third is to reduce noodles because noodles are fried and very high in calories, so we will eat a lot of carbohydrates. When we reduce noodles, we also reduce the intake of carbohydrates and calories.

Last but not least, reduce the use of the included seasoning packets. Although seasoning packs can make noodles more palatable, seasoning packs also contain sodium, MSG, and other preservatives. Therefore, reducing the use of seasoning packets and adding extra seasoning yourself will make the noodles healthier. You can also add your favorite chicken stock for extra nutrients and protein.

Of course, these are not the best solutions for you when you are in a hurry to go out or are busy. Perhaps choosing KINGDAVID is your best solution. We not only develop and produce air-dried cup noodles and organic cup noodles but also develop various flavors. These include the most classic vegan chicken flavors and vegan beef flavors, as well as vitamin-rich vegetable flavors. Not only that but there are also different countries' flavors, including kimchi, tom yum goon, and garlic&pepper.

Organic cup noodles organic noodles

                             Organic Cup Noodles                                            Organic Noodles


If you want to try cup noodles with unique flavor, shop in KINGDAVID! KINGDAVID has rich experience in the production of cup noodles and has developed different noodles and flavors according to customer needs. I believe there is always one that suits you!