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What are the non-fried instant noodles ?

What are the non-fried instant noodles ?

02 Feb 2021

Many friends asked us:”what are the non-fried instant noodles?” and “what’s the difference between fried instant noodles and non-fried instant noodles?”. Today, King David Foods explain it for you. Non-fried instant noodles also named air-dried instant noodles.

1.Hot air drying process Non-fried instant noodles are made by hot air drying process. The drying time is longer, the surface line is thinner, the oil content is less.

2.The nutritional difference is in calories Fried instant noodles oil content : 18%-20%, water content : under 10%; Non-fried instant noodles contain more water, but only about a quarter as much fat.

3.Tasty yummy, healthy and Fresher, side dishes are suggested to add for better taste.

King david foods has several non-fried instant noodles products.