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Why Instant Noodles Are Cheap

Why Instant Noodles Are Cheap

02 Feb 2023

The most important reason why ramen is loved by people is that it is cheap. Ramen has so many flavors that one can never get tired of it. Let's dig into why ramen is so cheap. Inexpensive ingredients, long storage time, strong satiety, lightweight and cheap labor are the five reasons why instant noodles are cheap.

1. Inexpensive Ingredients

The more expensive the raw material for a product, the more expensive it will be to manufacture it. Manufacturers must recover their costs from the cost of producing the product and make a profit. Ramen is cheap because of the cheap ingredients. Because of this, ramen companies have less pressure to produce, and they can mass-produce their products without spending too much money. Instant noodles are mainly sold together with noodles and seasoning packets. Noodle cakes are mainly made of wheat flour, and the price of wheat flour is also very cheap, so the cost of instant noodles is also cheap. In addition, in order to meet more needs of customers, some instant noodles are now also sold with other foods. Such as eggs, sausage, and so on. This is undoubtedly more expensive than ordinary instant noodles.

2. Long Storage Time

Although ramen is cheap, its shelf life is very long. The shelf life of cup noodles is generally 6 months, while the shelf life of instant bag noodles is generally 8 months. Therefore, we can buy instant noodles in large quantities without worrying about their expiry date. The process of cooking ramen is also very simple, we only need to soak it in hot water for about five minutes to enjoy it. Even a child can easily do it. In addition, there is another way to eat ramen. We can crush ramen noodles and pour them into dry powder seasoning packets, and it becomes a delicious snack.

Ramen Noodles Supplier

Ramen Noodles Supplier

3. Strong Satiety

Ramen is not only cheap but also very filling. Have you ever tried to eat an expensive meal, only to find that you are not full? When choosing food, most people prefer to choose affordable and full-feeling food. As one of the staple foods, noodles have a very strong sense of satiety. So most of the time a meal of ramen is enough to fill you up and it also helps us save money.

4. Lightweight

When it comes to pricing, the weight of the product is very important. Heavier objects can be more expensive to ship because carriers have to be mindful of the weight they are carrying on the truck or plane. Being overweight can cause many problems. Such as vehicle wear and tear, etc. And ramen is very light in weight, so its transportation cost in transportation will be relatively low. Since the packages are so small and stackable, they are also easy to load into a truck. Instant noodle makers are able to sell their ramen noodles at low prices due to low transportation costs.

Ramen Noodles Company

Ramen Noodles Company

5. Cheap Labor

Another reason why ramen is cheap is that it is cheap to produce. Manufacturers just need to process wheat flour and make it into noodles. Because the process of making ramen is so simple, ramen factories do not need to employ highly skilled workers. Since the wages of workers are not high, it means that the company does not have expensive labor costs, which helps to keep the price of ramen down.


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