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Why We Choose The Organic Products

Why We Choose The Organic Products

18 Jan 2023

Many people believe that eating organic food is good for health, so organic food is becoming more and more popular all over the world. According to the survey, about 5% of the total food sales are organic food, and the average annual growth rate is constantly increasing. However, what do you know about organic food?

What Does It Mean For Food To Be Organic?

The USDA defines organic crops as those grown on farms that have not used most synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers in the three years prior to harvesting food. At the same time, there needs to be a significant buffer zone to reduce pollution from nearby farmland. For livestock, animals must be fed organic feed, live on organic land, and cannot be raised without conventional antibiotics or hormones.

By the way, the free range does not mean organically raised, it just means that the animals are raised on a larger scale. In addition, foods that have no added artificial flavoring or coloring ingredients are labeled as natural.

Why Is Organic Food Usually More Expensive Than Conventional Food?

Overall, the biggest reason organic food is more expensive than regular food is that organic food costs 50% more than regular food. Therefore, when growing organic food, one must pay attention to farming methods. Pesticides cannot be used to eliminate insects during planting, and pests can only be controlled physically, mechanically, and biologically. Therefore, organic food is usually more expensive than conventional food.

organic vegetable companies

Organic Vegetable Companies

Why Do We Need To Buy Organic Food?

Organic foods are products that do not contain harmful chemicals and are packed with more nutrients. In any case, choosing organic food is a wise choice. Choosing organic food is not only beneficial to personal health but also beneficial to the ecological environment of the earth. Here are some reasons to choose organic food.

Full Of Nutrition

Organically grown plants contain more nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients than commercially grown plants. Plus organically grown soils are managed and nourished through sustainable practices in accordance with responsible standards. Therefore, organic food is much more nutritious than ordinary food

Better Taste

Organically grown plants often taste better than conventionally grown plants. Because they grow healthy and strong food from nutritionally balanced soil. Therefore, choosing organic plants is to better enjoy the food, and at the same time, it is good for your health.

organic seasoning supplier china

Organic Seasoning Supplier China

Protect The Ecosystem

Organic farming keeps the soil and crop fields healthy. Wildlife, insects, frogs, birds, and soil organisms are able to play their part in the ecological tapestry, and we can play our part without interference or compromise.

In addition to this, certified organic products do not allow the use of toxic chemicals in agriculture and require responsible management of healthy soil and biodiversity. Therefore, growing organic products can reduce pollution and protect water and soil.


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