When people think of cup noodles in Italy, instant noodles usually come to mind. In order to better meet people's needs, the noodles manufacturing plant has produced different types of cup noodles in Italy. Therefore, cup noodles in Italy are not limited to instant noodles, but also air-dried noodles, organic noodles, and so on.
KINGDAVID focuses on customer demand and produces high-quality products. Thus, we produce instant cup noodles in Italy, air-dried cup noodles in Italy, and organic cup noodles in Italy. However, let us know more about them.
Air-dried noodles are made from wheat, salt, and water without adding any preservatives or artificial flavoring. Each serving of these air-dried noodles contains 10 grams of plant-based protein.
Healthy organic noodles are a great staple meal option for those trying to lose weight. Because simply natural organic noodles are not made by frying, and it is rich in healthy vitamins, protein, and so on. 
Instant noodles are known for their simplicity and low cost. It is a type of noodle sold after deep-frying and sun-drying, usually containing seasonings. 
For convenience, the packaging of the three types of noodles is divided into bags and cups. Let people take delicious food with them when they are busy going out.